The Biobehavioral Research Facility (BBRF) is a 19,627 GSF two-level building located between the Kinesiology and Health Science and Campus Health Center Buildings on the CSU Fullerton campus. This location contributes to the ensemble of facilities dedicated to health promotion research on the campus.

The new building is organized to provide a highly flexible research environment organized around six key research initiatives and in three primary functional groupings: Intervention, Assessment and Collaborative Research.

The overall building zoning supports these six initiatives and groupings by locating the Assessment areas on the main level for ease of visitor/subject access, links to exterior functional areas, the main lobby and adjoining facilities. The Intervention and Collaborative Research spaces are located on the second level and connected visually to the main level at the building atrium.

The main level is a highly active zone with large intervention activity spaces and a suite dedicated to research interviews and focus groups. The second level accommodates multipurpose intervention research and training as well as providing flexible Collab research clusters for collaborative investigations.