The Center for Science and Sustainability (CSS) embodies the heart of a novel and transformative initiative to meet vital bricks and mortar needs of the University of La Verne and positions the University for approaching today’s most pressing challenges. Sustainability has been at the root of the University’s mission since its inception in 1891. The design of this facility and the integration of core faculty and functions of traditional colleges in an innovative environment is sorely needed to facilitate the realization of the University’s full potential as well as to serve as a model for effectively approaching pressing global needs.

The CSS provides an environment that brings together our diverse Colleges of Liberal Arts, Business and Public Administration, Education and Leadership Management, and Law. The traditional programs will be brought together in the CSS along with newly formed entities that fill in help meld the disciplines into a cohesive unit and provide a focus on sustainability. Prime among these are the La Verne Sustainability Think Tank (LSST), located near the hub of the building along with conference rooms, classrooms, the Natural Science Division offices and faculty offices and work spaces for the Colleges of Business and Public Management, Education and Leadership Management, and Law. A faculty lounge will serve as a water hole in the Serengeti bringing together faculty from all of these disciplines in a natural and socially informed manner. The remainder of the building space is devoted to the traditional Science Based Departments and Computing facilities allowing the full depth of these disciplines to be brought to bear on the more technologically based solutions. The science based departments will be associated with Centers that will help to focus public education and research efforts to solve specific areas of need.