Honda commissioned Bauer Architects for schematic design services and finishes selection for a new 60,000 SF design studio for their Acura brand in Torrance, CA. The design fulfills the program objectives of providing flexible workspaces that are highly adaptable to project team growth, creating an open and collaborative work environment, while providing the strictest security, and creating a “cool” environment with a “wow” factor that reflects the product personality. The $15 million design studio is used for the development of new concepts and designs for future Acura products.
The scheme developed for the facility was derived for the concept called “Platinum Edge.” Its main objectives were to satisfy the functional needs of the user, provide for durable finishes in the assigned space and to respond to the creative focus of the project. The main idea driving this concept was to create a neutral space that serves as a canvas for the design work by and among the users. To highlight areas of interaction outside of the “modeling/shop space”, an accent color was used to enhance specific areas. The neutral palette of grays, whites and silvers open opportunity for the accent color to have highimpact in these select areas. Much of the workstation and utilitarian furniture is finished in white/silver so the assignment of fabrics to the limited ancillary furniture makes it an integral part of this concept.
The overall design intent is to offer a fresh and inspiring environment for the designers to work and play in. The color accent strategy is to offer the opportunity for the space to transform in the future by concentrating the accent to furniture and wall paint that can be reupholstered or repainted for a new transformed space.
The facility is designed to achieve a LEED® Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). A number of measures including daylighting, an energy star reflective roof, low emitting materials, waterefficient landscaping, and thermal controls were adopted to achieve this level of certification.